Embroider Buddy®

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Meet Donna Kotzer.  She's the owner, inventor and designer of the original Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals and the Embroider Buddy® Home Collection. Donna comes from a very long line of high quality toy makers. 

 She has worked with us to design and digitize embroidery charms that are available free with the purchase of each of her popular Embroider Buddy® stuffed animals. Everybody loves them! Their chubby little tummies are so easy to embroider because of the way they're designed for easy embroidery hooping. There are other toys out there but we've found the Embroider Buddy® line to be of superior quality and highly recommend them for embroidery embellishment. As Donna says "You and your Embroider Buddy® are Best Friends for Life!"

   After you purchase an Embroider Buddy® from an authorized dealer come back for a visit to order and download your free companion designs. Be sure to watch for new Embroider Buddy® products on their website because corresponding embroidery charms will be added to our site as well. We're still creating the designs and you can pre-order now. We'll send you the files as soon as they're created.

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