Girls Subway Promo Set

Embroidery Soup

$ 3.00 
Girls Subway Promo Set:  Everything Zipped File

For a limited time we're offering our brand new Girls Subway Design including both the sizes for an 8X8", and 5X7" hoops, also as another added bonus the Stick Girl, Silver Burst, Hearts, Floral Bouquet, Polka Dots, and the Princess & Crown motifs. Give us a try and if you're not pleased we'll refund the purchase price. It's plain and simple, Embroidery Soup wants you to try out our fantastic quality and smooth running embroidery designs!

 Large Girls Subway Design: 7.73" Tall X 7.96" Wide (25,212 Stitches)

Med. Girls Subway Design: 4.81" Tall X 4.92" Wide (15,605 Stitches)

Stick Girl Design: 2.53" Tall X 2.26" Wide (1,843 Stitches)

Silver Burst Design: 1.65" Tall X 1.80" Wide (231 Stitches)

Hearts Design: .56" Tall X 2.27" Wide (799 Stitches)

Floral Bouquet Design: .89" Tall X 1.01" Wide (437 Stitches)

Princess & Crown Set: 1.81 " Tall X 6.37" Wide (4,331 Stitches)

Polka Dots Design: .28" Tall X 2.51" Wide (329 Stitches)

Embroidery Soup hand digitizes each and every letter for the highest quality embroidering experience and quality. 

We don't really like having too many color changes however many of our customers have requested that every word or motif have the ability to be a separate color. Our embroidered samples show the suggested colors with the same colors usually one after the other.